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Episode 14 of Edacious – Food Talk for Gluttons.

11752109_10205775569802156_844029383696423941_nEpisode 14 is live! Available at Edacious – Food Talk for Gluttons, on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and your regular podcast outlets. Real food isn’t processed food. It isn’t created in a lab with flavor chemicals. It doesn’t contain preservatives. It’s tasty, healthful, and doesn’t require a culinary degree to prepare. And yes, it can contain fat and sugar. Kath Younger, a registered dietician, is one of the earliest and most well-known healthy lifestyle bloggers. Since 2007 she has chronicled her daily meals at and for many years, blogged each meal three times a day.

The discipline required for such a feat is astounding to me and I couldn’t wait to talk to her about it, and about how she was able to take a hobby and turn it into a profitable online business. What are her challenges and triumphs? When you’ve been blogging for eight years, and your life changes, how does it affect content? And how do you evolve your content without alienating your readers? Is there a secret junk food she doesn’t include in the blog? And why does she put “junk food” in quotes?

We cover all of that, moving on to small changes you can make to improve your health, and why she believes an “addition” philosophy is better than one of “subtraction”. We gush over our shared love for butterscotch, and spend a ton of time grieving the loss of Eppie’s Santa Fe Salad. We also talk about how we deal with the sometimes vitriolic nature of the Internet, and how advice from Pëma Chödron might help.

What began as a conversation on eating healthy, ended up a therapy session for me on how to exercise more often! There may or may not have been a beer tasting. I wax poetic about Overnight Oats, and how it changed the way I start my day. And I say “insane” a lot. How many times? A prize for someone who can tell me ;) Enjoy! As always, I appreciate your constructive comments and suggestions.

This episode is sponsored by In A Flash Laser Engraving.

SHOW NOTES – Links to items discussed within the episode:

The Squiggly Line Effect – Kath Younger’s Approach to Weight Maintenance

Pocket Yoga – I use this app to design/build my own yoga routine, great app!

Amy Tan’s Quote Regarding Unkind Internet Comments


Hope everyone had an extraordinary Easter. Hubby and I were thrilled to be guests at a holiday goat roast, presented by Chef Angelo and Josh “The Goat Man” at the Ivy Inn. I’m still digesting the 20,000+ calories I consumed, and working up a story. Because there is most definitely a story.

In the meantime, I want to remind everyone tulip time is almost over. Ecotulips that is. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know just to the north of us in Brightwood, Virginia are Jeroen and Keriann Koeman, gardeners of organic tulips straight from Holland. In fact, Ecotulips is the only supplier of certified organic flower bulbs in the US! Jeroen, a Holland native, has held a tulip festival for 3 years to showcase the more than 20,000 organic tulips he has on offer for picking, photographing, tip-toeing through, and eating.

Yes, eating. If flowers are completely organic, they are edible, tasting like the sweetest of lettuces. These gorgeous honeys are organic as organic can be. They’re not just for deer and rabbits anymore! They make a lovely and colorful salad, adding a dash of springtime to any table. Just Google “tulip recipes” and prepare to be amazed!

But hurry! Due to the unseasonably warm weather, peak tulip blooming was this past weekend. This week Ecotulips is having a 50-cent a stem sale, and all the fun ends this Sunday. They’re open daily 10am-6pm and besides upgrading your salad, you can take along a picnic, buy some bulbs for your own garden, or just chat tulips with Jeroen and all the helpful folks at Ecotulips. So much fun and worth the drive. Happy eating!

Blue Ridge Country Store.

Back around Halloween I started craving candy. This isn’t odd, but I didn’t want your typical chocolate bar. No, I was feeling nostalgic, remembering all those summer bike trips to our local corner store to spend my hard-earned allowance. I craved gummy coke bottles. The coke bottles shaped from the stuff you find in gummy bears. Except they taste like soda. And they’re really good. But where would I find an old-fashioned, classic candy like this? I knew of only one place. The place that saves me every time I have a food crisis of this sort. The store that lifts me with its offerings when I’m having a bad day, a good day, or just a day. Blue Ridge Country Store on the Downtown Mall.

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