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National Pie Month.

February is National Pie Month! Several food sites have declared pie to be the new trend for 2011. The month of pie in the year of pie. The mind reels! I should probably do something to celebrate. Being a food blogger and all.

My gal Elena over at “Biscuits and Such” has vowed to create two pies a week, one sweet, one savory. You might remember her from the Charlottesville Pie Fest in October where she won awards and praise for her Caramel Green Tomato Pie.  I figured I could manage at least one a week…being a pie baking apprentice and all. I may do one extra….February is such a short month :)

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I’m kinda late on the “What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers Post” but 1) I’ve only figured this out in the last day or two and 2) I’m no good with formal recipes anyway.

We usually roast our turkey atop a mountain of orange things, mainly carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and the odd white onion or two. They cook away into a delectable mush that makes the most wonderful beta-carotene-filled soup if you add some chicken broth, apple cider and maybe a swirl of cream. Buzz that immersion blender for a few seconds and eat a bowl of healthy.

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