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Escape Cville. Rome, Part 2.

It’s January, and the weather can’t decide to be winter or spring. Fierce winds one day followed by balmy, wet breezes the next. No matter. My head and heart are still in Rome. Still. We returned mid-December, but I can’t stop thinking, longing, dreaming, about it.

I’ve written about our first night here. I don’t usually travel-write in this way, with a serious blow-by-blow of where we went, what we ate. But I find Rome so different. I experienced so much, my heart remained so full, that even though I know it’s a failed exercise, I want to capture all of it.

On our first full day in the old city we headed east along the Via Cavour to Santa Maria Maggiore, one of five major basilicas in the city. Rome is chock full of churches, one seemingly on every street corner. Old and older, small and big. Churches for every size, type, and inkling. But all Catholic of course. Most are gilded and glorious and Santa Maria was no exception.

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Escape Cville. Rome, Part 1.

Christmas week. My feet haven’t touched ground since we got back from a 10th anniversary trip to Rome, and they haven’t wanted to. Partly because I’m a frenetic mess with Christmas preparations, but partly because my head is still in the creamsicle-orange-vanilla sky of Rome’s clouds. And my heart never left. Rome touched my spirit in a way no other city has.

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