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Watch this. Just freakin’ watch it, would ya?

Sorry for the unscheduled MIA. July 2nd, the bravest, strongest woman I know, my sister-in-law Pamela Libby, passed away. She had been battling multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer, for 19 years. Her one goal was to see my niece Amanda Libby graduate from high school, which she did June 8th. Pam we love you, miss you, and will never forget you.

Losing Pam was just another event in what you could lightly call a “full” summer. Tragic events, joyous events, and I’m not too proud to admit when life happens, I shut down. And the first thing to go is writing. It’s always the first thing to go when the crap hits the windshield.

I walked away from the blog, crawled deep into myself, and comforted my spirit with Game of Thrones reruns, and overpriced palmiers and kale chips from Whole Foods. Gotta balance all that fatty French puff pastry with some sorta greenery.

This isn’t meant to be another “bitching and whining” post about how writing is SO hard. *Insert tiny violin* but when I started this space 4 years ago I promised myself I’d be honest. Not Anne Sexton confessional, but honest regarding what I was about and where I was food-wise, spirit-wise, life-wise. This is where I am at this moment. Deal with it.

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Still Life.

When I was 19, I dated a photographer at the School of Visual Arts in New York. By dated, I mean I took the train up to visit him in Brooklyn and hang out and pray he’d notice. It was really more a friendship. He tolerated my hick Southern ways, and I pretended to be more worldly than I was and flirt like mad. It never worked. He was one of those obsessive artist types, who live for the work and focus on nothing else.
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