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Podcast: Chinese New Year at Peter Chang’s.

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Today’s Blue Plate Special? The Chinese New Year banquet thrown by Gen and Mary Lee, and of course celebrity chef Peter Chang. The Hubby and I were honored to be invited to this event at Peter Chang’s China Grill. Sunday, January 15th. I blogged about the event here, but as part of my new podcasting venture with The Charlottesville Podcasting Network and Mike Bisceglia, I figured a podcast couldn’t hurt, and anyway, I need the practice :) Happy Year of the Dragon everyone! Kung hei fat choi!

Attention all web design gurus! Getting podcasts onto my blog has been a BEAR! Ack! <— Insert Yosemite Sam noises here. Anyone know of a good podcast widget that works with (not .org?) As far as I know, Podpress will not work. Anyone? Buehller? Buehller?

Chinese New Year at Peter Chang’s China Grill.

Happy Chinese New Year! Kung hei fat choi! The Hubby and I were delighted and honored to be invited to the Chinese New Year celebration FEAST at Peter Chang’s China Grill last Sunday. Approximately 50-60 fans hailing from Richmond as well as our humble ‘ville dined on heavy hor d’oeuvres, toasted The Year of the Dragon with champagne, then proceeded to devour a 6-course dinner whipped up by the great man himself.

Yep, Peter Chang was in the kitchen. I saw him with my own eyes. Even shook the man’s hand in gratitude afterward with the numbing effects of those tasty peppers still working their magic on my lips. He was all smiles, as were our hosts, Gen and Mary Lee. Telling everyone how grateful they felt for the warm welcome they’d received this past year. Trust me, the feeling is MUTUAL.

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