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Leaning In. Or not.

There are 3 things I can make well without a recipe: pasta, pizza, and soup. Everything else I have to lean in to that slip of paper torn from a magazine, that section of the cookbook laid out, spine of the book broken, or that app on the iPad, said iPad carefully covered with a Ziploc bag to prevent catastrophe. I’m not a cupboard chef, I can’t just whip open the doors and magically create something in 30 minutes. The Hubby can. Me? I lean.

But with pasta, pizza, and soup I’m a magician. Pasta was the first thing I ever conquered out of necessity. When you live on your own in your 20’s making minimum wage you quickly discover a 65-cent box of linguine (that’s what it cost at Food Lion back then) can go a long way. Grilled cheese and ramen get old.

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Cheese Balls and Christmas Cookies.

It’s the holiday season, and with that comes holiday food. Some of the childhood memories most precious to me involve holiday food, in particular the dishes my Momma slaved away to create for us each year. One of those, oddly enough, is the humble cheese ball. And of course, Christmas cookies.

Momma worked 3 jobs at Christmas just so she could buy us extra presents to put under the tree. She had her regular job with Henrico County in Richmond – the Bulky Waste Department. That used to crack me up, my mother worked for the bulky waste department, snicker snicker. Then just after Thanksgiving she would go work second shift at Ukrop’s grocery in their bakery, icing cakes and making doughnuts I supposed. I was never sure exactly what she did only that she came home very late, looking tired.

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