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Apple Tart With Almond Filling.

So sometimes I get a wild hair and actually pull a cookbook down off the shelf and make something. Then, crazy upon crazy, I actually PHOTOGRAPH the finished product, which is, after all what a food blogger is supposed to do.

And then my old fart memory kicks in and I completely forget about it. Com-PLETE-ly. Months later I pull out my camera and load pictures onto the computer and think, “Hmmm, I wonder who took those lovely photos?” Um, you did dumbass. I have no memory to speak of. I blame the entire decade of the ‘90’s. And House Music.

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Culinary Heirlooms.

One of the reasons I became a food writer, besides my passion for eating and baking, was to remember the art my mother and grandmothers practiced daily in their kitchens. As a child it had such an effect on who I would become that I wanted somehow to remember it, to record it. It felt important to do that. Particularly in this day of “Let’s just stuff our faces as quickly as we can and move on to the next thing on our to do list.”

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