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Tea and Cider on BTF.

Hey y’all. Yeah, I’m one of those…get over it ;) I’ve been hibernating as I tend to do every year from January to March. I’m convinced I was a bear in a previous life.  I love to sleep, eat trashy food, I’ve dumpster-dived (for a FABULOUS mid-century end table) and honey is my favorite. When I was 15 I boycotted all Winter school assignments, including the ever-important term paper because the due date was in March. Ms. Rasnake, who not once pronounced my name correctly, passed me with a “D-” for the year without a second glance. Yeah, she was not pleased. But that’s another story for another time and venue. In other words, I digress.

I have been writing though, working on two books, one sort of about food, one sort of not. I’ve been gearing up my cookbook store for Fleaville in May. And I’ve been submitting bi-monthly “Drink This!” columns to that wonderful website, Beyond the Flavor. One about hopped cider from those good-lookin’ Potter’s Craft boys, and the other about my favorite Sage Tea at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Just up today in fact.

On a day like this, I can think of nothing better than to soak up rays on the Twisted Branch back porch. Tonight they’re calling for snow maybe, so it’s back to layering myself in fleece (THIS is my new favorite thing, WANT!) and curling back up in a ball to sleep, becoming one with my blankie. Wake me when it’s Springtime, will ya?

Beyond the Flavor: Virginia Cider.

Cider Week Virginia starts TOMORROW! So I’m writing about Virginia Cider at Beyond the Flavor…today :) Check it out!
Every day from November 15-24, 2013 there are events, tastings, dinners and other special happenings celebrating all that Virginia Cider has to offer. Just a few short years ago we had no cider. None at all. Now we have EIGHT cideries in the Commonwealth, some of which were recently profiled in Wine Enthusiast and The New York Times. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and drink some cider!

Beyond the Flavor: Apple Harvest Cookies.

It’s Beyond the Flavor time again. Yes, I’m blogging about Apple Harvest cookies in June. But that’s okay. Because the cookies at Cappellino’s Crazy Cakes just happen to be my very favorite cookies in the whole entire frickin’ world. I was a chocolate chip fanatic until I tasted these. I inhaled madeleines by the pound until I inhaled one of these beauties. Do yourself a favor. Check out my post on Beyond the Flavor. Then go get yourself one. They’re that good. Seriously.

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