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Cracker Barrel.

A local news reporter contacted me today wanting to know my opinion on the new Cracker Barrel being planned for Fifth Street extended near the Holiday Inn. I read the message. Read it again. And laughed. Really, really laughed. Um, I kinda have no opinion at all, having not eaten at a Cracker Barrel since oh, 1994 or so?

My first thought was of the road trip my besty Scotty and I took to Asheville, NC in 1994. Wandering in shock, open-mouthed, through the gift shop as we waited for a table. The place was jamming. Full of blue hairs and toddlers gobbling platters of “down-home” food. Big swirly multicolored lollipops, horehound candy, pioneer chotchkes, and bonnets. I remember lots and lots of prairie bonnets. There was even a paddle like they used to punish kids in the one-room schoolhouse back in the day. Our waitress was so damn nice and the food so damn terrible that even though we both worked in a food court we left her 100% tip. Without a second thought.
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