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Episode 6 of Edacious – Food Talk for Gluttons.

Harrison & Jennifer Keevil

It’s a new episode! Available at Edacious – Food Talk for Gluttons, on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and all your regular podcast outlets. Are restaurants under more pressure than ever to deliver not only quality food, great service, wonderful ambiance, beautiful plates, but to also cater to every known (and some suspicious-sounding) allergy known to man? Was it always like this? Is this a new phenomenon? Used to be chefs were in the driver’s seat, but increasingly the guest steps in the door with immediate demands. How do restaurants handle it without losing sight of their original vision? Join us for Episode 6 where I talk to Harrison & Jennifer Keevil (and baby) of Brookville Restaurant. She works front of house, and he’s the chef behind Brookville’s famous burger, chicken & waffles, and my personal favorite, The Hangover Cure. Chef Keevil’s commitment to local sourcing requires him to purchase his ingredients on almost a daily basis. He cooks the way our Mommas did. From what’s fresh and what’s available. Join us to find out why, and to learn how the Keevil’s are discovering the best recipe is to be the truest version of yourself. And to learn why sour Jelly Belly’s and boxed mashed potatoes RULE!

This episode is sponsored by In A Flash Laser.

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