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Virginia Travel Guide 2015.

On 2/27/15 my podcast, Edacious, will premiere right here and elsewhere to hopefully much fanfare and applause. Uploading 3 episodes to begin. Segments will run anywhere from 30-60 minutes in length (slightly more if we get chatty), and appear every other Friday. When I get the hang of things, work out the kinks, I’ll post EVERY Friday. Each installment will consist of food news, reviews, and random thoughts from myself and one selected food professional or enthusiast from our community. Initial guests include Chef Craig Hartman, and the awesome women behind Our Local Commons.

I’m very excited about this new project and hope you’ll join me. Look for Edacious on iTunes, Stitcher, and the regular podcast hangouts (including a link here) beginning Friday, February 27, 2015! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Have you found yourself on a Virginia Interstate recently? Needed to go to the bathroom? Walk the dog? Maybe you’re lost and need a map because either you don’t know how to work the Google Maps GPS on your phone or it has no more juice because you listened to three straight shows of Howard Stern downloads?

Whatever the case may be, you find yourself turning into a nice, clean Commonwealth-sponsored rest area or Virginia Welcome Center. You walk past the Doggy Rest Area, and there, on your way to the potty, you might spot the 2015 edition of the Virginia Travel Guide.

You just might. And you just might pick up one of them, designed with not one, but FIVE, yes FIVE, different covers. And you might turn to page 22. And you might see this.


And you might just SQUEEEE! And do a little dance. You might. If you were me anyway. Because that’s what I did.

Yes, folks it’s my first magazine. Last spring I tromped all up and down our great Commonwealth and came up with what I feel is a great and definitive list of all the “hidden food gems” in our area. Although I never made it to Red Truck Bakery in Warrenton, not sure why that one is in there. Although I’m sure it’s very nice. And I DID want to include Sally Bell’s Kitchen in Richmond, but they wouldn’t because there’s no seating.

Pshaw! Seating. Who cares about seating? Go to Sally Bell’s. Go early and often. Buy a boxed lunch. Sit on the curb. Sit on your car hood. Sit in the street for all I care. Because wherever you sit, the lunch will be wonderful. Go to Sally Bell’s. Now.

Anyway, I’m damn proud of this. As is my Daddy. The man with no computer, not even an answering machine. But I can mail him a copy, and he can carry it down to his local Kmart whenever he picks up his prescriptions. Crow about how his oldest daughter is a RYE-TERRRR. Something tangible with shiny pages you can hold in your hand and re-read over and over and over. Finally, after almost 7 years of blogging he can see I’m actually stringing words together for a living. I’m not kidding about the no computer thing. I had to print a book of my old blog posts so he could read them. A true Luddite.

He’d hate that I’m including him in this post, he plays it pretty incognito. What the hell, like I said, he doesn’t have a computer. And now, for the next year at least, every time I have to pee on road trips (which is often as I have an unholy addiction to coffee) I’ll probably grab another copy. Do my part so they’ll run out and have to print more. Sure it’s not The New Yorker. Not yet. But it’s a start.

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