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Yard Sale Pie. Thanksgiving Edition!

It’s the week after Thanksgiving and my feeds are full of gripers and whiners tired of leftovers. Are they insane? Completely mental? Not me honey, pile up my plate! I’ve been scarfing leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for almost a week. Honestly, I could go another week without getting bored. My stomach is growling for leftovers right now! Turkey sandwiches and “sliders” (turkey piled on potato rolls with Duke’s and cranberry sauce) are my favorite things in the world. Yes ma’am.

But as I was pulling out the Tupperwares and piling it on for the fourteen hundredth time last night I had an epiphany. How would all this stuff taste. . . in a pie?!

The geniuses at Mad Mex in Pittsburgh are credited with creating the heavenly, monstrous construction that is The Gobblerito (an entire Thanksgiving dinner in a burrito) but what about a Thanksgiving pie? I’d already made Yard Sale Quiche hundreds of times, but I’d never attempted layer upon layer of yummy Thanksgiving flavors all piled on top of each other in a pie crust. This could be fun. Like Shepherd’s Pie on steroids fun.

I blind-baked a store bought deep-dish pie crust (this broad’s saving her December baking energy for cookies) and started layering. Stuffing on the bottom, then ham-hock-cooked collards with vinegar, turkey, gravy, then a half and half topping of garlic mashed potatoes and plain sweet potatoes left over from the Eggnog Sweet Potato Pie. More on *THAT* later. Sprinkled some brown sugar on the sweet potatoes and baked the whole thing at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes until it was hot, bubbly, and browned. Unfortunately there wasn’t room in the deep dish for “Crack” Corn Pudding (called such because it tastes like crack). No worries. It’s good on its own. Like crack. More on that later too ;)

Verdict on the pie? Oh yeah. It’s good. Real, real, real good. So quit whining! Do as you should and make a pie!

p.s. A HUGE shout out, hug, and sloppy wet kiss to Chef Hartman, Jaclyn Conlogue and all the staff of BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville. This is the 3rd year we’ve eaten their smoked turkey for the holidays and oh my lordy lordy is it freaking good! I may never roast another bird. I’d be ashamed.

p.s.s. I apologize for the absolutely HORRIBLE quality of this picture. I blame hunger. Ravenous hunger.

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