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Muddy’s Pound Cake.

Last week I wrote about my mother’s passing. And her love for pound cake. I said instead of moping about, I’d make one myself. So I dug through my files and found Muddy’s recipe (my mother’s mother). It turned out fantastic, so I’m reposting. As you can see it doesn’t include instructions, so I pulled up any ol’ standard pound cake recipe and took it from there. Basically you sift the dry ingredients well, then start by creaming the butter and sugar VERY well (5 minutes at least) in a separate bowl before adding the wet ingredients, then add the dry ingredients in small batches. I’m just used regular 2% milk. And made sure the oven rack was in the middle. It makes enough batter for two large loaf pans or one Bundt. I added the juice of three lemons, and left the top plain, just dolloping some lemon curd to gild the lily. Spring sunshine on a plate with a ton of memories on the side. Magic.


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