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Porkapolooza 2013!

I love my husband. Instead of taking me to some lame, crowded, 3-courses-and-dessert-meal for Valentine’s Day, he takes me to Porkapolooza! at The BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville. In its 3rd year, Chef Craig Hartman always delivers porky goodness to the extreme. This year in addition to long-time favorites, Sticky Love Bacon and Pork Belly “pops”, he offered up Puerto Rican pork shoulder, Pernil, and three different sauces! Chimichurri, Sofrito, and Red Mole, my personal favorite. The Pernil was falling off the bone tender, and mixed up in beans was simply divine. We stuffed ourselves silly. Paired with a beer from Devil’s Backbone and a bacon doughnut for dessert, I’d have to say it was a pretty damn good day.

And as my Muddy used to day, “I’m tight as a tick!” One suggestion for next year Chef Hartman…………….HAMMOCKS!

And the great news is Porkapolooza is going on from noon to 8pm tomorrow, Saturday, February 16th. You’re a fool to miss it.

Happy Valen-SWINES-day!

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