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Craving. Tomato Sammies.

Tomato Sammies. Even the words get me drooling. Seriously. This combination of crunchy toasted bread, eggy mayonnaise, sweet-tart tomatoes and the bite of salt and black pepper all blended together in my mouth is a serious addiction issue for me. In March, I start counting the days until I can sink my teeth into one. Once I got so gloomy and desperate for my beloved sammie I actually bought, (gasp!) grocery store tomatoes and attempted to recreate that feeling of hot bright summer sun hitting my tastebuds when I bite into this most perfect of sandwiches. It wasn’t pretty. After one bite I chucked the whole thing into my doggie’s food bowl. She’ll eat anything. Even a grocery store tomato is a dreamy treat. To me, it tasted like ash and lost dreams.

So happy happy happy is the day when I can FINALLY sink my teeth into this most perfect of meals. This year the planets aligned and I was able to do this for the first time in MAY! Weeeeee! Assembly is simple: local tomatoes provided by Horse and Buggy Produce or my local farmer’s market, and Duke’s Mayonnaise because nothing else will suffice. The bread must be toasted. The tomatoes must be liberally sprinkled with salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll switch things up by using jalapeno cheese bread, homemade guacamole, or sourdough, but most of the time it’s a nice toothsome toasted wholegrain holding my sandwich fantasy together.

Last year I ate at least 100 of these. This year? I’m committed to twice that. And documenting every. single. one. So far, there have been five fine creations. Only 195 delicious tomato sammies left to go. This is one addiction I have no intention of ever recovering from.

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