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Food Seen.

Food writer’s log of local food seen during for the last part of May, first part of June 2012:

  • Chef Harrison Keevil from Brookville Restaurant gets pastry kudos from The Daily Meal for his Spicy Raspberry Jelly & Cinnamon Sugar doughnuts. Yum!
  • Have you been keeping up with Tomas Rahal’s MAS missives while he’s been touring Tuscany and Barcelona the past few weeks? If not, you’re missing out. His tapas photos from Tickets, Albert Adria’s place, and his musings on the Tuscan countryside will make you want to slap him silly with jealousy when he gets back. Seriously dude, you’re killing me!
  • Megan Headley gets Cville chefs to reveal their deepest, darkest junk food addictions. Reminded me of when I asked Mr. Bourdain this very question during his visit here. His “Popeye’s mac and cheese” answer was appropriately embarrassing and delicious. Mr. Ripert’s response of “chorizo” was not. As for me? I’d go with Sweet Thai Chili Doritos and Cheerwine. Not together mind you. ‘Cause that would be disgusting.
  • The Charlottesville 29 was kind enough to ask me for my Five Friday Food Finds – while I was with The Hubby in Barcelona sans computer (oh yeah, whole other post on Barcelona yummies up soon). It was all I could do to get the visions of tapas from dancing in my head and come up with a “Comfort Food” theme to send. I blame Spain. Cause their food is so damn comforting.
  • Chile’s Peach Orchard has peaches for the pickin’. And I can’t get this song outta my head.
  • I’m on tomato sammie #4 as of tonight. Well on my way to a 2012 summer goal of 200 ;)
  • Started watching Master Chef again this week. Yeah, I know, but I’m in love with Joe B. and think it’s hysterical that he’s the “bad guy” on the show when in reality he’s so damn sweet. The Hubby and I laughed uproariously when the grand prize was revealed. In addition to $250K (okay, not too shabby) they get……..wait for it……..THEIR VERY OWN COOKBOOK. Okay sure I’d like one myself, but have you looked around recently? As if you didn’t know the market is SATURATED. We need another cookbook like ____________ (fill in your favorite cliché here). And if you think having a cookbook means your career is taking off allow me a few minutes of your time for a reality check. I ain’t never even been APPROACHED to do a cookbook, and probably won’t ever be after that last sentence and I know that one cookbook is BS. Hell, three cookbooks are BS. In cookery, as in rock stardom, the money lies in merch. Knives, pots, pans, spices. Just ask Emeril. And even he ended up selling to Martha when Katrina hit.
  • Have had four people in the past week relay stories to me of horrible restaurant service. All four people handled it the same way: by boycotting the restaurant. FOR YEARS. Not one of them went to management. Okay, I realize in the heat of the moment you want to hurt someone when a server goes all apeshit on you, but trust me, there is NOT ONE restaurant owner on this Earth who wouldn’t want to be apprised of a situation like that. And you might even get a free drink or meal for your trouble. If you have bad service, whether it’s underwhelming or downright atrocious, SAY SOMETHING. Owners and managers want to know.

And that’s what I’ve seen the past week or so. What’ve you seen?

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