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Food Play.

Full credit for the inspiration goes to Christopher Boffoli and his “Big Appetites” series.

I call this one “Thanks Mister, you’re a peach.” A still life with peaches and wee folk. A peach pile. A peach-a-lanche. Local peaches from Horse & Buggy Produce. I’ve always been fascinated with still life oil paintings. Paintings so life-like you feel like you could reach in and start chomping. Fruit so ripe it’s covered in nectar and bees. Dead rabbits and fish draped over a gorgeous wood table with silver goblets, cutlery and jugs of wine. Everything sensuous and ripe. The first food porn.

I’m playing with my food now too, and it feels child-like, tactile. Ever creative cog in my brain is firing. And yes, I’m totally ripping off Christopher Boffoli, who does this way better than me. But ever since I stumbled on his site months ago I can’t get it out of my head. Surreal foodscapes. I hope he won’t mind my own playful “imitation equals flattery” attempts. I seriously cannot stop looking at the images. And I can’t stop brainstorming others. The urge to play with my food has never been stronger. And I really don’t see any end to it…

“Thanks Mister, you’re a peach.”

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