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If you’ve spent any time here, you’ve learned how much I adore running my mouth. Especially when it comes to food.

When Mike Bisceglia contacted me a few months ago to do podcasts for his new venture, Cville Connect, I was *ALL* over it. WKRP was my favorite show growing up. I wanted to be Venus Flytrap, broadcasting The Quiet Storm overnight with my soothing, sexy, Night Bird plastic radio voice. As I’ve said repeatedly, this blog doesn’t pay, except in opportunities, and this was a golden bar of experience.

So you can imagine my excitement when Mike dreamed up The Food Bloggers Round Table. We’d meet once a month to blab and crow about all things edible. And when he mentioned Andrea Hubbell of Bella Eats and Beyond the Flavor, Kath Younger of Kath Eats, and Faith Levine of Gracefulfitness would be a part of said table, my little foodie heart went pitter pat. I was so giddy it felt like I’d just downed a Keith Richards (i.e., my favorite coffee house’s name for four shots of espresso).

Here’s the link to our first production. Enjoy. Hope I didn’t run my mouth too, too much. Put me in front of a mike and ask me to talk about food, and well, I will tend to go on. And on. And on. And on. . .

Any topics you’d like to see covered in future podcasts? Let me know!

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