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Dove into the fridge yesterday and beneath the heads of lettuce from Horse and Buggy we still haven’t used and the 3 or 4 lemons and limes we always keep around (acid adds flavor to anything) I found a leek. One huge, ginormous leek. Wondered why it was there.

Then remembered a month ago I planned on making Colcannon for St. Patrick’s Day. Had done a trial run in January when it was dank and cold and the tummy needed some warming. It turned out tremendously, a cabbagey, creamy, leeky bowl of nummy both filling and soul-comforting. Nothing like a pile of potatoes and cabbage on a cold night to make you fall into a bear-like hibernation. In case we get another “Cuddle Warning” from those fine local meteorologists, you could do worse than a giant bowl of potatoes, leeks, cream, and cabbage.

Alas, the weather got warm. Scratch that. Make it, “HOORAY! The weather got warm!” The sun came out to stay, my daffodils started going bonkers, the potatoes for the Colcannon ended up becoming Sunday hashbrowns, and this poor ginormous leek was relegated to the back of the crisper. So, dear readers, what should I do with it? What spring dishes are good for leeks? Besides vichyssoise what are my options?

Colcannon Recipe Link

Cooking Soundtrack: Francis Dunnery, “Man”

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