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WTF Pinterest?

After a long hiatus, we welcome back “Scarier Than Spider Hair” a semi-regular posting where I present something culinary that *might* just have you saying, “WTF?” Yep, it’s even scarier than spider hair.

Like many, I am totally addicted to PINTEREST. A new social website where people (mostly women) spend hours “pinning” web images to virtual pinboards in the hopes to somehow get inspired to cook, redecorate their house, revamp their image, write a book, lose weight, or tick off a list of all the places they must go and things they must do before they die. It’s a complete time suck. Don’t go there. Seriously.

Most of the images are gorgeous, inspiring, and make sense. But some of them, especially the food pictures, make me say, “WTF?” Thankfully, there’s someone in the webosphere who can read minds. WTF, PINTEREST? is like someone opened my head, stepped inside, and took a looksy. This blog chronicles the weirdest, strangest stuff people decide to pin to their boards. It’s gut-busting hilarious, and yes, Scarier than Spider Hair. Below are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

"Rock Candy Cupcakes, for when you want to break all your teeth in one fell swoop."

"Text from last night – Audrey: “I’ll meet u @ the wine bra @ 5.” Peter: “LOL! U mean the wine BAR, don’t u?” Audrey: “No, I mean the wine BRA. U’ll see!” Peter: “LOL!”

"Finally, you can have your face and eat it, too!"

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  1. I found WTF Pinterest recently – I don’t know where they are looking, but I am so glad they are.

    January 13, 2012

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