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Thank You Cville Plugged In!

A big, hearty, heartfelt thank you to Amy Eastlack, formerly of SuzySaidCville, but now of Cville Plugged In for talking about my little space on the Interwebs during tonight’s local newscast at The Charlottesville Newsplex! After spending my afternoon on hold for THREE HOURS with first AT&T then Yahoo in order to get my email account deleted because of a major hack job, this was an amazing surprise, and a great way to start the new year. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had meant to post my awards for BEST CVILLE RESTAURANTS 2011 today, but Mr. Hacker took care of that little to-do list item. So please, check back tomorrow. Welcome to all my new readers, and thank you again to Amy and Michelle Rupp for making me sound so stellar. I’ll try to live up to it…..Cheers!

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