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BlogHer Writers ’11.

I'm Going to BlogHer Writers '11!

I’m thrilled to be going to the first-ever BlogHer Writer’s Conference in NYC October 21st. Since taking that full-time writing plunge a year ago (with no parachute in sight), I’ve pondered and palavered about writing conferences, eyeing the agendas, looking longingly at the bios of the featured speakers. But so many of them seem to be “Let’s slap each other on the back for 8 hours!” conferences rather than ones that really accomplish anything. Conferences where you WORK. BlogHer Writers, however, seems promising.

They’re keeping the group to 200, representatives from Penguin Publishers will be there, and breakout groups include topics like, “How to Write a Book Proposal” and “How to Find an Agent” – BINGO! Stuff I really need, like, right now.

‘Cause I’ve started two books. Yep. Two of ‘em. Did you know? No, I haven’t just been neglecting the old blog and stuffing my craw with monkey bread and cola, I’ve actually been writing. Books. And redesigning the blog to be relaunched in November, but more on that later. I’m writing books! And getting featured on BlogHer’s attendees page. Which is nice. REAL nice.

One fiction, one non. And neither related to food. Which makes me nervous. But the good kind of nervous. The kind of nervous you get before bungee jumping or cliff diving, not that I’ve ever done any of those things. Heart racing, blood pumping, with a big stupid crazy grin on my face. Psychotically happy. It’s like I’ve got the biggest, juiciest secret in the world, and I can’t wait to tell it. Except I’ve got two.

There are still spots available if you want to join me. Does your blog have a book in it? Come to New York and find out!

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