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Friday Foodporn.

You know what I’ve noticed? Charlottesville restaurants have *really* stepped up their game! Particularly when it comes to getting the word out about their scrumptious offerings. Websites, Facebook, Twitter. I see more and more restaurants jumping in with both feet. Bravo! Little hint guys, create a FAN PAGE, not a profile. And for gosh sakes check your posts and ads for typos. There’s one sad little ad I see EVERY week in one of our local papers with the word “dinning” in it. Sigh……

The old cliché of a picture speaking 1,000 words rings true. Two words people: Food. Porn. If you’re a great photographer, and you capture a dish in such a way it makes mouths water, guaran-damn-tee you’ll get more people in your place. And if you’re not a great photographer? Get one. Don’t rely on an employee to snap a quick photo with their camera phone. Ever see the food pictures for restaurant ads in the Valu-Pak mailer? Gross.

I love Foodporn. Yep, one word to me. Foodporn. All strung together like a big ol’ ribbon of cheese on a pizza. I even subscribe to a website that sends me a daily dose. Why not highlight my local favorites for the masses who might appreciate the ooey-gooey-rich-and-chewy aspects a good foodporn photo can provide. So feast your eyes my friends and begin to salivate like Pavlov’s dog. Then race to the phone, or your OpenTable app, to make a reservation. This week’s entry comes to us from Zinc Bistro.* “Seasonally inspired, locally acquired.” Mmmmmmm……….*
*Happy Birthday Chef Vu!

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