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Out of Office.

…just for a little while. Since I racked up my neck and back hauling luggage on a trip to Vegas (yeah, I know, I gotta come up with a better story), I’ve been laying pretty low and not posting because:

  • I can’t stay on a computer more than 20 minutes, which barely gives me enough time to do the important stuff like answer email and check my Restaurant City game ;P
  • I’ve lost my appetite due to the meds. Sadly, even the porniest of food porn does nothing to make me need, want, desire, much less write about, food. Not quite the agony of say, Grant Achatz getting a tongue tumor, but with the same twist of irony.
  • I’m housebound. Cabin fever has set in. Not “Donner Party” stir crazy just yet, but getting there. Hubby arrives home from work and me *and* my dog go running to the door. Most journeys outside involve driving = A.G.O.N.Y. And after 20 minutes in a restaurant booth or 10 minutes standing my neck begins to whisper things like, “This hurts bitch. What’s the matter with you?” If you’ve ever seen Richard Grant talking to his boil in “How to Get Ahead in Advertising,” you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Never fear. Restaurant Week is here, and God willing and the creek don’t rise, I plan on going. And I plan on blogging about it. See how I suffer for my art and for your entertainment? (*Cue the violins*). Not even a debilitating injury can keep me from my restaurant week recapping duties.

Even though I can’t blog, I have been thinking. Wool-gathering. As I lie with my head tucked into a cervical traction pillow (my new best friend), watching The Nate Berkus Showand thinking how it would be a better magazine, I wonder how to make this site and my writing just that much better. I’ve got tons of ideas, now just need some pain-free moments to get ’em going. Until that happens, I’ll leave you with these tasty tidbits:

  • Speaking of Restaurant Week, the menus are a VAST improvement from two years ago. Bone Marrow? (Camino). Pork Belly? (Brasserie Montiel and Brookville). Cranberry mascarpone terrine? (Boar’s Head). Yes please!
  • Scrumptious tapas at Mas the other night. A quick scarf-it-down-and-bring-me-the-check trip before the ol’ back started sending warnings. The grilled chorizo was outstanding. The anchovies with some wood-grilled, homemade bread dipped in leftover olive oil was sublime. Almost good enough to resurrect my appetite. Sunday they’ll be celebrating their EIGHTH anniversary! Way to go Tomas!
  • Check out Justin Hershey’s warm apple and onion soup at Zinc Bistro. When Hubby had a business dinner last week, Chef Hershey was kind enough to send a sample home, along with the admonishment, “Eat this. Get better.” It was awesome. A sweet chowder blended so smooth I swear it was like drinking velvet. You know those chocolate commercials where they’re pouring it and it looks like silk? This soup reminded me of that. Liquid velvety white chocolate. Except it tasted like a warm apple-y vichyssoise. Healing lovely vichyssoise.
  • Need some food porn in the meantime? Check this out. It’s “The Sartorialist” for foodies.
  • By my calculations Mr. Chang has exactly 13 days to open his new restaurant in the old “Wild Greens” space. February 3 is the start of Chinese New Year. And that’s 13 (count ’em 13) days away. Just sayin’…

Cheers, y’all….I’ll be back momentarily, but I gotta go. My 20 minutes are up…

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