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Chicken Cobbler.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the planets align, the tides synchronize, and you are left with a perfect storm. A perfect storm of cooking when everything comes together and you create a dish that fits like Cinderella’s shoe. Over the weekend, while on “injured reserve” I was participating in a favorite Saturday activity: PBS cooking shows. Jacques makes me sigh, Lidia makes me laugh, and Eric makes me swoon. Food Network and that other sorry channel just don’t measure up. PBS is the best. That day, on America’s Test Kitchen, they were making chicken pot pie.

Now I had just seen the forecast for early in the week: SNOW! This pot pie looked like it could serve 28 people. And I just happened to have all the ingredients in the house. And it looked so easy even a cook on injured reserve could make it. *Planets aligning, tides synchronizing* Here was my perfect storm. Something to focus my mind on something other than the pain, and get me back in the game.

When I saw Serious Eats was highlighting the video on their website today I knew I had somehow clued in to the inner hummings and vibrations of the cooking universe. I wasn’t the only one listening to the winter cooking gods. Snow coming? Make pot pie!

As I sit here typing I have yet to see one flake. Nevertheless this was dinner last night. Wow, is it good. You can’t really call it a pot pie though, it’s more like a chicken COBBLER. There’s no bottom crust, you bake it in a lasagna pan, and there’s a distinct presence of biscuit-y topping. Did I mention the topping tastes like cheese straws? It does. Not only that, but poaching the chicken in broth pumps up the flavor and cooking the mushrooms separately deepens their umami and helps “tighten up” the cobbler, so when you cut into it, it’s not a runny mess. Unlike most pot pies, this one tasted remarkably light, while still retaining that comforting, “from Grandma’s table” aspect we all know and crave.

LOVE this recipe
LOVE America’s Test Kitchen
HATE they make you register to get the recipe. So bogus. I wonder how you could get around that? I wonder if readers couldn’t just email someone and request the recipe? I wonder? ;D

p.s. Boy, photographing chicken pot pie so it looks delectable is hard! These all look like something my cat yakked up. Trust me…it tastes *gud*

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