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Friday Food News.

Every week, a listing of food-related news and events happening in and around Charlottesville, Virginia. Do you have Cville Food News you’d like to share? Email me! Bon appétit y’all!

Since I’ve been laid up, on “injured reserve” as it were (i.e., not going anywhere anytime soon), this week’s news is a little on the “lite” side. One Restaurant Week main entree with a side of Chang to go…

Edible News

12th Street Taphouse, and Rise Pizzaworks have closed. Enoteca has closed with the intention of redesigning the menu and will reopen. Or so I hear……like I said, I haven’t been out of the house in a month. :D :D :D If this is wrong, let me know. Feel like I’m playing “The Telephone Game” suddenly…..

Was all ready to end the Chang “Will he? Won’t he?” game. Then I saw pictures of the food coming out of the kitchen at his newly-opened restaurant in Sandy Springs, GA. Oh. Em. Gee! Deep-fried duck!?!?! “Just when you thought you were out……” <—channeling my inner Pacino.

Edible Events

Monday, January 24th through Sunday January 30th
If it’s January, it MUST be Restaurant Week time! Check out the participating restaurants. Three courses, $25, plus a $1 donation to Meals on Wheels. Have you made your reservations? They go fast… what are you waiting for? Visit the website, check out the menus, and dine, dine, dine like a king for a good cause!

After YEARS of trying, I finally snagged a reservation for 2 at Fossett’s….as of today they had a few “2 tops” left….although late. No worries, visit their fabulous bar for a signature cocktail before you dine. Pretend you’re a European who wouldn’t *dream* of dining before 9 anyway…..

Tune in Monday for more “Food Adventures From the Couch” or what I like to call, “Deep Culinary Observations You Make While Waiting for the Pain Meds to Kick In.” Examples? Why is Jamie still on Top Chef? All she does is cook half-ass scallops. Why did Casey prep those chicken feet with what looked like the equivalent of toenail clippers? Why does Fabio walk his turtle on a leash? Is he afraid it will run away? Is it just me or do Marcel’s ears look even MORE elfin this week……

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