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Scarier Than Spider Hair Monday.

A weekly feature where I present something culinary that *might* just have you saying, “WTF?” Yep, it’s even scarier than spider hair.

Much to my dismay, I could find no New Year’s Eve-themed foods scary enough for a mention. Fear not, I’m nothing if not resourceful.

I’m a collector from way back. Mid-century furniture makes me weak in the knees, and mid-century lamps? Don’t even go there. I adore them. My house is covered in vintage wattage. Not one to limit myself, I also collect Fisher Price play pieces (if they’re wooden), Mac Tonight Happy Meal figures from the 1980’s, and Small Shots (“They’re speedy little kids on wheels!” <—Sheesh, the commercial, with a Jodie Foster cameo, is scarier than spider hair!)

One of my biggest collections is of vintage cookbooks – the weirder the better. I’ve got a farmer’s wife cookbook from the 1870’s – recipes include, “How to Butcher and Cook an Ox” and “How to Prepare Rice” (dip in lye, then rinse under running water for FOUR DAYS). Another gem is entitled, “Canned Meat Magic!” Dying to do a blog recipe from that one.

This Christmas I got the BEST. GIFT. EVER. A Good Housekeeping Christmas cookbook, circa 1958. It’s awesome. And it has a flaming jello mold on the cover.

If that ain’t scary I don’t know what is. Scary……..DELICIOUS! Listen to this list of recipes:

Beetchovies (yep, beets *and* anchovies)
Curried spaghetti (nothing says Christmas like biryani marinara)
Cottage cheese drop cookies (blech!)

…and of course
Nesselrode Flambe (that thing of beauty on the cover)

I counted 8 recipes with flambe instructions. EIGHT! Guess they set fire to a lot of food back in the ’50’s. It’s January 3rd, and I can’t freaking wait for Christmas…

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  1. Those old cookbooks are the BEST! Everything was either in a jello mould or was set on fire! Ha! The good ol' days!

    January 4, 2011

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