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Sushi Upgrade!

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you well know my love for sushi and sashimi. In particular the wonderfully fresh and tasty offerings served up by Seafood at West Main. Chris and company not only roll up the BEST little rolls of goodness every day for lunch, but provide Charlottesville with the finest cuts of salmon, tuna, and yellowtail (among others) every other week for those adventurous enough to make sushi at home. They even have all the “fixins” so you can create a sushi bar right in your own kitchen.

For a while now, they’ve been sending out an email list twice a month with what they have to offer. All you do is reply with your order, and go pick it up. Now Seafood at West Main is taking it one step further. Due to popular demand, you can order fresh sushi-grade fish EVERY WEEK for pickup on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

In past “Sashimi Weeks” Hubby has created little gems with Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Wasabi Tobikko, seared Bonito, you name it – often incorporating these creations with produce from our Horse and Buggy CSA. We kinda inhale them like famished wolves and count the days until we can order again. Now we can do that every week if we want – Hallelujah! And believe me, I *KNOW* I’m spoiled rotten to have a Hubby so creative with the sushi rolling. I get so grateful every time he wants to get in the zone and start creating – you’ve never seen a woman leave her kitchens so fast! :D

Tuna and Salmon topped with Wasabi Tobikko, Spicy Tuna Roll with Green Tomato Pickle, Tuna Roll, and Salmon Roll with Avocado and Wasabi Tobikko

Seriously, for the money we spend (about $20) we each have 8-10 HUGE rolls, and 3-4 pieces of about the most buttery sashimi you could ask for. Hubby even sautees salmon skin for some salmon skin rolls that are out of this world. Why pay huge gobs of cash to eat utility sushi? Or endure high-priced yet teensie-eensie portions? Get creative! All you need is some Nori, some sushi rice, some rice wine vinegar, a bamboo mat, and a little courage.

A list of what’s available is below. So what are you waiting for? Order thee some sashimi!

Seafood @ West Main – Sashimi Trays!

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