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I’m kinda late on the “What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers Post” but 1) I’ve only figured this out in the last day or two and 2) I’m no good with formal recipes anyway.

We usually roast our turkey atop a mountain of orange things, mainly carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and the odd white onion or two. They cook away into a delectable mush that makes the most wonderful beta-carotene-filled soup if you add some chicken broth, apple cider and maybe a swirl of cream. Buzz that immersion blender for a few seconds and eat a bowl of healthy.

Mashed potato leftovers? Press them into a pancake shape and fry away! Instant pseudo-latkes just in time for Hanukkah (which is tomorrow, holy menorah Batman!) Your potatoes won’t hang? Add a little egg. And by the way, these pancakes go great with and omelet as a quick “brinner” option.

Leftover cranberry sauce is yummy smeared on toast.

Leftover pecan pie is divine with coffee for breakfast. Cold and straight out of the fridge. I eat and dash out the door on a major sugar high……totally awesome, at least for an hour.

Paula Deen recommends frying your leftover stuffing on a stick (we are SO not going there), but I find it makes a tasty binder for meatloaf. Sage celery and onion goodness mixed into your favorite ground meat instead of plain ol’ breadcrumbs? Yes please!

Leftover turkey? Well, I’ve seen every recipe under the sun for soup, tetrazzini, pot pie and what have you, but to tell you the truth I love turkey sandwiches to death. So much the bird never ventures beyond my two slices of bread before we run out. Sorry, I’m no help with turkey. Honestly, I’ve made a turkey sandwich for lunch every day since Thanksgiving, and TWO the day after and I still wake up at 3am looking forward to the one I’ll have for lunch the next day.

I don’t even make them that special. No secret gravy layer here. Just turkey on wheat toast with lots of salt and pepper, a schmear of cranberry sauce and the toast slathered in Duke’s mayonnaise, the only mayo that exists in my world. Certainly nothing to blog about. And it ain’t healthy. And it makes me kinda sleepy.

Still, I’ve sworn to eat a turkey sandwich every day for lunch until that bird is GONE. And I don’t feel a bit guilty. After all that gluttonous activity I’m sure I’ll have to run a little longer, lift a little more at the gym, but it’s so worth it. I may even be done with turkey sandwiches for a while…….at least until Christmas.

So file these leftover tips away for next year, or maybe like me, you’ve still got some bits and bobs taking up space in your fridge. And if you’ve got ideas, I’d love to hear them! Onward to Christmas!

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