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Good name for this place. Sublime. Kinda simple and rolls off the tongue. Husband and I ate here last week on one of our lunch foray Fridays. I had passed by it several times – it’s a fairly unassuming little hole in the wall on a side street near The Corner. Then a co-worker ate there recently and I processed his expense approval. Yeah, real exciting stuff, but that’s what I do when I’m not eating and writing about it. The itemized list of what he ate intrigued me enough to want to try it out – a whole real lot.

The place is small with pale wood paneled walls and a few tables. Long tables with barstools line the windows. Sublime appears to be primarily a juice and smoothie bar – the whole wall is taken up with every kind of flavor combination you could imagine. Wheat grass beet juice apple toddy anyone? The plethora of smoothies, shakes, juices, teas, coffees, and even something called alkaline ionized water boggled my mind. I couldn’t even begin to know what I wanted, much less what “booster shot” I would add. For a second I thought I was in that Natalie Portman sketch from Saturday Night Live.

So we bypassed the juices and went straight to the food menu. In addition to the beverage abundance, they also have home-grown organic ingredients for soups, sandwiches, and wraps. What’s cool is there are big signs posted opposite the menu, telling you where everything came from. What farm on what day and what town it’s located in. Locavore heaven. Locavore = a word so new that spellcheck doesn’t even recognize it! Heck, it doesn’t even recognize the word “spellcheck”.

But I digress. Honey wanted the “Hearty Builder” (organic roast beef, sharp cheddar cheese, carrot slaw, tomato, greens, homemade horseradish dressing) but they were out of roast beef, expecting a delivery by 2pm. Out of roast beef during a Friday lunch rush? That’s weird. But I can see why it would be popular – how often can you order a sandwich with local beef. Uh, NEVER! At least in my limited locavore experience.

So he settled for the “Giving Thanks” (organic roasted turkey, provolone cheese, carrot slaw, tomato, greens, pear vinaigrette) with a side of curried pumpkin soup. I got the “Eggcelente Salad” wrap (egg salad with local, free-range eggs, carrot slaw, sprouts, greens). Seeing that posted on the menu got me jonesing for some good old-fashioned egg salad. The fact the eggs were local free-range was a plus.

Both sandwiches were a home run. Gorgeous tasting. The kind of sandwich you inhale cause you’re scared your little brother is gonna steal if off your plate. The egg salad was superb, some of the best I’ve had. The carrot slaw and sprouts gave it good crunch. Hubby’s turkey was equally yummy – all was forgiven for being out of roast beast. And that soup! Real curry flavor – they definitely put the spices in, didn’t just wave the shaker over the pot in pretend. Pumpkin curry is my new favorite soup. Nice smoky, spicy combination here.

But our water? That is what was weird. We ordered two cups of alkaline ionized water for 50 cents a piece – after being convinced by the server that it was the best water we’d ever try, and that it was really good for you. She presented us with a one-page laminated sheet in tiny type that explained all the benefits of drinking supercharged water. What the hell. Even though it sounded like a lot of hooey, for 50 cents I’d try it.

It was served in a plastic cup, with a plastic lid, with a plastic straw. That seemed strange, especially since this place seems so intent on being green and sustainable. And the water was tepid, blech. And it had a funny taste. It’s supposed to reduce cholesterol and acidity in your body or something? I dunno, think I’ll keep my fat if I have to drink water this nasty.

All in all, Sublime lives up to its name. The local food is “uplifting” (synonym) and the soup is “awe-inspiring” (another). The fact you can get organic local sandwiches for a measly $6 or $7 is indeed “magnificent” (yet another). But that water? That water is “ridiculous” (antonym).

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