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Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley.

At the risk of “double entry-ing” and possibly jeopardizing my status as a neophyte blogger, I feel I must direct you to a restaurant review I did on my travel stories blog, “escape cville…travel stories from all over.”

No, it’s not a Charlottesville restaurant. It is in London, about as far away from Charlottesville as you can get. However, it isn’t just any restaurant either, but Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley. Simply put, the best meal of my entire life…so far…

I’ve been toying with the idea for weeks, and after some agonizing deliberation :) I’ve decided I can double post. Yes, it was overseas, but it also talks about a restaurant’s food. Incredibly stupendous amazing delicious invigorating soul-stirring food that I won’t soon forget. If you ever eat there (and I recommend you do) I guarantee you’ll be talking about it for weeks. I just decided to WRITE about it for weeks. The fun starts with my entry “Petrus”. You go Marcus Wareing. Thanks for rocking my culinary world…

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