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Continental Divide.

How do I love the great divide? Let me count the ways. Okay, that was cornier than cornpone but it truly is difficult to list all the ways this great, not quite divey place has lifted me up when I was down. When I needed lifting, the only kind of lift a greatly-concocted margarita can give you. They are delicious here. Plumb powerful, and delicious. My hubby and I have been here twice, and both times the margies kicked our asses. In a good way.

The first time we ate there was on my hair stylist’s recommendation. She works at Moxie and it’s her favorite hangout. We ended up walking right by the place. Because there is no sign, only a small neon that says, “Get in here!” On our second pass we did. It’s a small restaurant, narrow with booths up the right side, bar across from it, and a few tables in the front. I’ve read lots of reviews where people complain about it being crowded, but both times we went we sat right down. See, we’re old farts who try to be at any kind of dinner table by 6:30-7pm, but I understand it does get quite crowded soon after that. And both times the line out the door grew as we were eating, so best to get there before 7pm any day of the week if you want to sit right away. Or do like we do most times when there’s a line – just sit at the bar. A line out the door is the best advertisement in the world. I guess most people love the food, the margies, the cowboy atmostphere, and from what I understand all of this is achieved completely by word-of-mouth advertising. Heck, they don’t even have a sign.

The first visit I ordered their enchiladas. Definitely tasty, but nothing to write home about. The second? It was their Thai chicken burrito – AsiaMexi I guess? In any case, it’s VERY good, lots of crunchy veggies with a sesame-like flavor to the chicken. And so frikkin huge I couldn’t finish it. For both visits hubby got some kind of steaky burrito-ey thing and both times it tasted fine. Have to admit I didn’t spend much effort tasting his as I was trying in vain to tackle my own huge portion of goodness.

During our second visit it was more crowded (school had started) and so we ended up at a table rather than a booth. The bar was surrounded by college co-eds in cocktail dresses, which seemed weird for such a divey bar. Our server, the same sweet little guy both times, ended up forgetting our drink order. To make up for it he brought us a free drink. Not bad! Bribery will get you a good review every time, especially when it’s one of these margies. Those wonderfully potent margies.

After eating there the second time, I trolled around the Internet to read other reviews and discovered I hadn’t ordered Continental Divide’s most popular dish, the Red Hot and Blues – goat cheese on homemade blue tortilla chips with other yummy stuff. Nor had I gotten their Tuna Tostada. Trust me, a return visit will be had, along with another review. Something to look forward to! I may even get the courage to try a fancy tequila neat. This would be the place to do that as they have an entire LIST of ones I’ve never even heard of written on a board over the bar.

Those of you from Richmond might remember the old Texas-Wisconsin Border Cafe (not the newer Border cafe, bleh!). It used to be the place to go for Tex-Mex along with a “Redneck on Vacation” (PBR with a slice of lime). And their brats and Welsh Rarebit were amazing. Brunch? Amazing. Great food in a divey atmosphere. Continental Divide reminded me of “The Border” (what we always called it). It has a feeling of being a dive bar, except they serve pretty decent and high-end tequilas. That weird mix of trash and treasure. So go. As the sign says, “Get in here!”

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  1. I liked getting my ass kicked in that fashion. Nice photo of a cocktail btw.

    October 28, 2008
  2. OH MY GOD – Red Hot Blues and the Tuna Tostada (with extra jalapeno glaze) are a must! Please try them soon! Happy New Year!

    December 30, 2008
  3. Oh yeah, those red hot and blues and the tuna are SO next on my list. Like tomorrow :) (are they open new year’s day? Hmmmmmm….a margie might be a great way to ring in 2009….)

    December 31, 2008
  4. Best margaritas in town! And the red hot and blues…can’t believe you missed them! :)

    January 30, 2009
  5. I KNOW! (bad Libby, bad Libby)

    January 30, 2009

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