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Thai ’99 Revisited.

Had a chance to get some takeout from Thai ’99 recently – a place I reviewed before. Hubby was on his way home, stopped off on a Friday for some “bring home dinner”. This time around, I tried the pad thai. He ordered the green curry – which I had graded as mediocre in my last review. Good, but with a weird consistency.

This time around, it was much better. Creamier, more consistent texture, not a weird grainy thing like last time. Same great heat.

My pad thai was terrific! Would definitely order this again. I ordered it with tofu, and FINALLY after a long time of hunting, I have found a place that prepares the tofu right when they fry it! Yay! It was crispy on the outside, meaty on the inside, not greasy at all. Not wet, gooey and falling apart. Would someone please tell me how they manage this? Every time I try it at home it turns into a total mess.

Thai ’99 = great pad thai.

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