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The Nook.

Another “quickie” review from a place me and the hubby visited weeks ago. Headed to the Farmer’s Market the weekend it opened, then over to the Mall for breakfast. We wanted *real* breakfast, with eggs and meat. We’ll save the chi chi brunches for later in the summer.

The Nook pretty much delivered. No seats available outside, so we chose a booth. Love these, very big and deep and woody. Reminds me of The Village restaurant in Richmond before it moved across the street into the old Sunny Day space. I ordered sausage gravy with biscuits (my gold standard for real breakfast) and husband got the standard eggs and bacon………and bloody mary.

He loved my sausage gravy, I had more of an “eh” reaction. It needed pepper, and was kind of lumpy. And the biscuits weren’t light enough, although they were nicely browned and buttery tasting. His eggs, etc. were fine, just fine though. Nothing to write home about. Neither was the service – as you hear critics say frequently it was uneven.

The best parts? The coffee was GREAT – really good diner coffee. And his bloody was superb. Not as good as mine, and not as good as Sam ‘n Omie’s in the Outer Banks, but pretty close. Nice and thick, spicy, full of horseradish.

All in all though a good place to grab a decent, basic breakfast. I think we would’ve lingered more had we been outside…

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  1. Have you been to Blue Grass Grill yet? Hands down my favorite breakfast downtown… Get there EARLY on the weekends though or the wait is LONG.

    January 30, 2009
  2. I have actually. Went there so long ago that my memory is fuzzy :) Need to go again to do a proper review (Hmmm…maybe this weekend?) I do remember the biscuits were huge (but too dry) and my omelette had some sort of onion relish in it that was scrummy! And yes, the wait is long, but worth it…thanks for reading!

    January 30, 2009

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