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Java Java.

Bad reviewer! Bad reviewer! I’ve been to so many places in the past few weeks and not talked about any of them. For shame. I will attempt *this week* to get caught up by writing quick and dirty reviews of my whirlwind past few weeks through Cville’s landscape of food.

Had to stop in at the lawyer’s office a while ago to pick up the legal documents for our house closing. Walked over afterwards to Java Java on the Mall for a coffee. Nice sunny day + time to kill = loiter with a coffee and a sweetie. In this case iced coffee and a raspberry shortbread. Made my purchase and went outside to sit where I was shooed away from the tables reserved for diners at The Nook. Hey, I’m from out of town, what do I know? Yeah, it’s real busy at 2PM ON A FRIDAY! Better not sit in the reserved tables, right?

Anyway, the shortbread was phenomenal. Light, not too sweet, buttery, really yummy. Iced coffee? I’ve had better, much better. Yeah, Tazza D’Oro has spoiled me for anything else. Ordering an iced coffee there is a major undertaking – each cup is painstakingly, lovingly prepared by hand. Do not order if you are in a rush in other words. But the result is pure nectar.

Here, it was just typical. Watery, weak. It was okay. Didn’t help that when the server was pouring, the lid of the pitcher fell in my cup and she just picked it back out without replacing my cup. A little gross.

But the sun and the shortbread made up for all of it. Really enjoyed watching people walk by, sipping coffee, crunching cookie. Sigh. I’ll have to do this again sometime…

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